Clothing and Accessory Rules for League play

Force Basketball - what to wear

Basketball Sussex have just released their rules regarding what players can and cannot wear under their team kit. The rules are based on the The Basketball England and FIBA guidelines which can be found here: What you can and cannot wear during a game

In addition to the rules outlined on the link above, Basketball Sussex have an additional rule, which is that “No T-shirts may be worn under playing uniform with the exception of female players, unless requested and supported on medical grounds. T-shirts must be of the same dominant colour as the shirt or side trim colour, but must not clash with the opposing team’s dominant shirt colour”.

So in summary, it’s a ‘no’ to :

  • T-shirts unless you are a girl. If you are, then you can wear a blue or white t-shirt (assuming our opponents are not wearing blue or white).
  • Jewellery

And a ‘yes’ to:

  • Leggings but they must be one solid colour
  • Arm and leg compression sleeves
  • Mouth guards
  • Spectacles (we recommend using a sports strap to secure glasses)
  • Wristbands and headbands