Club Rules

Our club exists to give children and young adults an opportunity to play basketball in a safe and organised environment.  The club expects all players, parents/carers, spectators and officials to behave in a responsible, caring and positive way whilst participating in any club events.

In the event that an individual or group of individuals fail to meet these standards they will receive a verbal warning from a club official. Should they behave in way regarded as inappropriate on a second occasion, they may be temporarily or permanently excluded from club activities, at the discretion of the club committee.

Players’ Code of Conduct

1. Be on time and ready to participate.

Practice and game time is precious, and it is vital that as a club we make the most of any court availability. Players should arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes before the start time, and should be ready to join in as soon as the session begins. This includes wearing the correct clothing and footwear, and storing any of your personal belongings in a safe place.

2. Respect other players, coaches, referees and other officials.

The organisation of club training sessions, games and events depends upon coaches and volunteers giving their time. Everyone involved in the club deserves the respect of other members. Disrespect, bullying, fighting and intimidation is not acceptable, in any circumstances.

Referees and officials have a difficult task to perform and you could not play the game without them. They are there to enforce the rules of play but they cannot always be right. Accept bad calls graciously. Abuse of referees is unacceptable behaviour. Players who consistently dispute decisions or do not accept bad decisions are bad sports. If you disagree with a decision, have your coach, captain or manager approach the referee during a break or after the game, in an appropriate manner.

3. Work hard for yourself and for your team.

We understand that players have different levels of ability and some excel at parts of the game that others find difficult.  The coaches objective is to ensure that every player benefits from every session, and makes improvement (however small) each time they participate. To make this possible, every player must try their hardest and give the coaching staff their full attention. Players who do not pay attention or do not put in maximum effort may be asked to sit out part or all of a session.

4. Be a good winner and a gracious loser.

Everyone wins and loses at some time. Be a fair winner and a good loser.

5. Listen to the advice of your coach and try to apply it at practice and in games.

Your coach has been appointed to coach your team because they have certain abilities and experience. They have also undergone training to ensure that you get the best coach that you can commensurate with your skill levels. Apart from skills training, your coach can provide you with helpful advice on all aspects of playing basketball. Make the most of the opportunity provided to you to work with your coach to have a happy and successful experience in basketball.

6. Always respect the use of facilities and equipment provided.

Facilities and equipment cost money and will only function properly if kept in good order. Ensure that you do not abuse anything provided for use, as not only can equipment be damaged but serious injury can occur.

7. Look after your body.

A healthy lifestyle  is a vital component of being a successful sports participant. If you eat a balanced diet, avoiding food and drinks that are clearly not good for you, your body will be ready for the exertions of high energy sports, such as basketball. Regular hydration is vital during practice sessions and games, and the club recommend that all players only drink water during this time. The club does not allow any carbonated (fizzy), canned or energy drinks to be consumed during our activities.