Force Women’s Basketball 16+

Age: 16+

Force Women's Basketball


Women’s Basketball/Fitness session (from 16 years to 50+) Fun, sociable, friendly session.

“I didn’t realise how much work I was doing, this is a great way to keep fit!”

Tuesdays  at Seaford Head Sports Hall between 7 and 8pm.

Open to all abilities. You do not need to have played basketball before, we run drills (passing, dribbling shooting) and finish with a game. The aim is to have fun, and increase your general fitness levels in a sociable way. We laugh a lot!

This session works well on two levels, for those building up fitness, we have a variety of drills suitable for gentle cardio, muscle toning and aerobic movement. If you feel that you want to burn energy and challenge yourself, you will get the opportunity to go hard in the drills sessions and in the short games. 

Whether you are coming back to basketball, or you just want to get fit and learn this fantastic team sport at the same time – you will enjoy our Force session with Coach Matt. For ages 16 to 50+. 

£5 per session, turn up and play, we look forward to seeing you 🙂 🏀

Why basketball?
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health. …
    Burns Calories. …
    Builds Bone Strength. …
    Boosts The Immune System. …
    Provides Strength Training. …
    Boosts Mental Development. …
    Develops Better Coordination And Motor Skills. …
    Develops Self-Discipline And Concentration.

All our coaches are fully DBS checked, insured and hold current Basketball England coaching qualifications.







Player Registration

    If you do, please just tick 'yes', and we will speak to you individually re details

Tuesday eves

Tuesdays @ Seaford Head

Where: Seaford Head Sports Hall, Steyne Road

When: 7 to 8pm

Ages: Adults (16+)

Cost: £5 per session

Head Coach: Matt Horner

Want to play? Just turn up. All you need to bring is suitable clothing and footwear, and a drink.