Women’s session – fun, sociable, fitness.

This session is now at Seaford Head on Tuesday evenings at 7pm-8pm. £5.

Perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy moving around without the slog. Who doesn’t love bouncing, passing and shooting? We don’t go straight into games and you won’t have to run up and down the court for an hour!

We might do passing drills, defending drills, shooting games, all of which involve being active but not exhausted. By the time we get to a short game at the end, you will be warmed up and either raring to go, or happy to play for a bit, sub off and on, or even just watch for the first session.

You will be amazed at how much you can achieve and progress, basketball is fantastic for cardio, strength, co-ordination – but mostly it’s a great laugh with really nice people who all help each other. We can get a bit competitive when we move onto games, but that is half the fun – and rest assured you can take a break whenever you want to!

This session is for you we want you to have fun. You go at your own pace, and if you want to catch your breath, you simply grab your drink and watch for a while. If you want to go hard, you can – basketball is a game of many levels but the main aim is enjoyment.

Age group is 17-56 so far, all ages and abilities and fitness levels.

We’d love to see you, turn up and play or register here and you will be more likely to make it 🙂